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Hiawassee Beauty

Have you ever dreamt of living in a cabin far away from civilization? Do you love the outdoors? Or perhaps you enjoy the freedom of living in a small town. If any of the above speaks to your soul and sounds like you, then the city of Hiawassee, Georgia is a city you should consider moving to. With history that extends back to the time of the settlers, Hiawassee is every bit as southern as you’d expect to be. But what can you expect from this city, and why should you consider living here?
Buying Real Estate in Hiawassee
Now that you are aware of all the reasons to move to Hiawassee, you might want to consider some professional advice for buying your first home in the city. For starters, there are hundreds of homes for sale in Hiawassee just waiting for buyers like you to purchase them. Real estate agents have access to the best properties, and are the best outlet for finding the perfect home. However, before you get to that point consider preparing yourself for the market. 
The most common types of real estate in Hiawassee include cabins, town homes, and even mountain homes. With so much open space, many properties come with large lots and extra acreage. If this is something that interests your family, then you might want to mention that when you hire a realtor. There are several National Parks in and around Hiawassee, which can make it impossible to build or own land near the waterways. However, with help from the right real estate agent you can still manage to purchase property with gorgeous views and a close proximity to the lake and rivers around the city. 
If you are interested in cabins, there are plenty of options available. Many cabins are positioned far from the city square and provide complete isolation. If you like the idea of total privacy then a cabin could be the perfect piece of real estate for you. Even individuals and families who prefer to live near the city’s action can find their dream home in Hiawassee. The real estate opportunities are truly endless in this incredible town. 
About Hiawassee
The name Hiawassee comes from a Cherokee word that means “meadow” and represents the surrounding landscape. Although mountains are a big portion of the countryside, meadows are particularly noteworthy and stunning in Hiawassee. Of course, the history of the Native American tribes that once lived in the region is extremely fascinating. Until they were moved to reservations in Oklahoma, Hiawassee was their land. Today, however, only a few thousand individuals call Hiawassee home, and the local economy is primarily funded by tourism. 
Speaking of tourism, Hiawassee’s outdoor adventures are extensive. One of the area’s biggest attractions is Lake Chatuge. Man-made and crystal clear, Lake Chatuge extends for thousands of acres and is a premier boating, skiing, fishing, and swimming location. During the hot Georgian summers people from all over the state come to Lake Chatuge to cool off and enjoy the scenery. Additionally, the Blue Ridge Mountain range makes for the perfect hiking and scenic trails. In fact, outdoor enthusiasts come from all over to conquer the steep trails that dance along the side of the mountains in Hiawassee. 
During various times of the year, residents get a chance to experience uniquely southern festivals like the Blue Grass Festival and a ten day Georgian Mountain Fall Festival. Families also benefit from community activities that take place on a weekly basis. 
If are looking for a good place to relax or even raise a family, Hiawassee might just be it. Lake views and mountain landscapes come together in this one of a kind city, and with extremely affordable real estate there really is no reason not to choose Hiawassee as your new home. 
Indulge in southern charm, and shop for your dream home in Hiawassee, Georgia.