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Adventures in Ellijay

Ellijay sits inside the Gilmer County border, which is known as Georgia’s Apple Capital. As such, Ellijay hosts an annual Apple Festival that draws thousands of people from across the state. The festival includes local cuisine, excellent drinks and plenty of local art and woodwork to enjoy. Residents look forward to the event all year and visitors soak up the opportunity to experience the true culture of Ellijay. 
Surprisingly, Ellijay is also an excellent place to do some shopping. Antique shops and boutiques dot the town square and sell everything from handcrafted furniture to clothing. No department stores or malls are available in Ellijay, and the community likes it that way. Retaining the city’s charm and hometown feel is extremely important to those who live and work in Ellijay. 
For thrill seekers, Ellijay offers plenty of outdoor sports and activities to experience. These include whitewater rafting, tubing, boating, skiing, hiking and much more. Local tour guides and outdoor experts are on hand to make sure guests are safe throughout their journey. Visitors can also slow things down, pack up their fly fishing pole and catch some trout in the rivers that surround Ellijay. Amateur and professional photographers can also build their portfolio by snapping pictures of the gorgeous wildlife that permeates the town. Either way, there is no shortage of outdoor excitement and relaxation to indulge in all year round. 
Why Live in Ellijay?
If you enjoy nature, love things that are beautiful, and would relish the opportunity to live life the way you’d like to, then Ellijay is the perfect place for you. The community is friendly, and will welcome you with open arms no matter where you are coming from. That’s the beauty of Ellijay, it isn’t just physically beautiful but it is also a superb place to raise a family or spend your golden years. 
If you have young children, you will appreciate that Ellijay has a K-12 school district and you won’t need to drive your kids 20 miles to get to school. Convenient education, therefore, is yet another advantage to living in Ellijay. Everything about this town is family-friendly, and strong southern values dictate the way many residents live their lives. There truly is no other place like Ellijay anywhere else.